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My first half marathon

I don't want to downplay the accomplishment of having completed the half marathon today because I've done several full marathons at this point, but. . . . you guys, I ran fast.  1:59:30.

That is stupid.  I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow.

But if we go back to that post where I talked about races. . . here is the beautiful thing.

This morning was very enjoyable because I was there.  The smell of the air and the trees and the flowers, the feeling of the pavement and the trails and the wet, the taste of these amazing dumplings with a pineapple curry sauce (that was after the race, but still). . .

It was nice to be back to running and enjoying life.  In many ways, it felt like something I had known before but different somehow.  And in some other areas of life recently. . . I'm also getting a fresh start.  I know there is so much more to say but my brain is jello and so are my legs.  But God is too good. Way too good to me.


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